Selling Your Car.

Sometimes clients wish to sell cars they have bought from us. We are always happy to take cars back, and in most cases make a point of asking clients to give us first refusal on cars we have sold them. Many cars we have had for sale have been sold by us in the past. On the rare occasion clients simply do not get on with the car they have bought and ask us to change it for them. Again we are happy to oblige and seek out something more to their taste. It is however difficult to predict future market conditions for certain cars and their future prices, we all know that car values can go up as well as down. We always try to give clients the best pricing advice that we can based on our extensive market experience. Over the years, our extensive base of clients have asked us to sell cars on their behalf in order to get the best price for them. We have been very successful in this field, regularly returning prices in excess of trade bids and matching clients seeking cars with those wishing to sell. For any more information do not hesitate to contact us with any requirments please call us on 07774484497 ask for our buyer Edward White or email us at

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