The MG TC first appeared in 1945 and was really a revamped version of the pre-war MG TA / TB models. The TC had classic 1930's MG styling which was exactly what MG buyers were looking for, particularly car-hungry ex-American service men. The TC's classic looks and simple yet effective mechanical's, helped this small sports car to sell in important export markets.

Despite the fact that many TC's were exported only RHD versions were available. The cars specification was the normal basic MG package consisting of 19" wire wheels, a fold flat windscreen, cut-away doors, separate wings and petrol tank. The cars "nippy" performance can be best described as leisurely by today's standards, power came from an overhead valve engine of 1250cc.

The MG TC firmly established MG in the competitive post-war market place, over 10,000 units being produced before the MG TD arrived in 1949.

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